A Production Startup of a Super Motard Style Street Bike

A black and yellow motorcycle with red wheels.

As of January 1st, 2017, TDR is starting a production run on a limited basis for the TDR "Urban Warrior." This is a small production startup of a complete custom Super Motard Style street bike. The first run is with an R6S front suspension complete with rims, brakes, and fenders. The rear is from the same R6S rear swingarm, shock, wheel, & brakes. The fuel tank is hand built from aluminum with fiberglass side panels. Custom seat with the legendary TDR look. The fuel tank/seat is a blend of the R6 road race look with the TDR Dual Sport styling. Custom TDR design crossover exhaust chambers with aluminum or Carbon Fiber silencers. The engine is an RZ 350 base with an unlimited range of cc sizes from 347cc to over 800cc. The suggested engine size is 421cc, with the max recommended size of 535cc for a reasonable lifespan and vibration level. The options are virtually unlimited in engine packages. Billet cases, Digital programmable CDI, Mikuni, Keihin, Lectron carbs with the Quad wing and Dial-Jet power jets, CPI cylinders, T-Rex cylinders, Billet cylinders, and way too much to list. As I build the website, I will be adding a spreadsheet with all the prices, so the customer can price a complete build. Carbon wheel, Brembo Brakes, Ohlin suspension. No limit or a classic build of your choice.

A second version will be available as more of a Super Motard look with a YZ 450-based frame more conventional YZ look with RZ-based engines. 17" Super Motard spoke wheels or custom Warp 9 mag wheels. Same upswept in frame custom TDR crossover pipes.

The complete build process will be posted here as the first ones roll off the workbench, so keep checking the progress. As always, the updates will be posted on our Facebook site. My personal contact: (941) 916-3272 cell, Tony Doukas

Here is a more detailed description of the process that makes up the TDR "Urban Warrior." First, we start with a registered RZ 350 chassis, remove all the unnecessary tabs, and split the frame at the rear section to get the added width for the R6 rear suspension. Add all the shock mounts and shock linkages and position the swing arm. Remove the rear section, and add tabs to bolt up the new aluminum rear section.

A lot of changes have been made as we progress in the builds. Frame Crafters have completed 2 of the YZ-based builds. There are many Facebook posts about the builds. Still a YZ-looking Super Motard version. Here are 3 of the builds so far.

TDR will be posting a complete build here soon of build # 5, complete with videos. We are also starting a completely new website to promote the complete TDR motorcycle line of street conversions and race builds. The new company has the same TDR-based name but with a slight change of name and logo. Technology / Development / Research Inc. Update: