RZ 350

Welcome to the RZ 350 page.

Here you will find specific information on all our RZ 350 builds and products.

There have been a lot of new developments on the RZ 350 platform. Listed below are the new projects that will soon be available.

Ultimate Race RZ 350: We are developing the Ultimate Race prepared RZ 350. Click on the button to see the entire process of the build from scratch. This involved all the mentioned products below, and this is our test bed for the Ultimate in RZ performance products. We are also constructing an Ultimate RZ street bike with the new products. This bike will be showcased at the Barber Vintage Festival and then sold as we continue to build more advanced systems.

Crankcases: Complete new style crankcase that will accept all the different strokes and large bore CPI cylinders. One thing that sets this crankcase apart from all the others is the ability to remove the complete transmission from the engine while still in the chassis. Cassette style as used in Road Racing.

Cylinders: A completely new style of power valve cylinders that are electronically controlled and programmable. This will also have a throttle position sensor to aid in proper power valve control at partial throttle openings. A must for the Road Race & Street rider.

Transmission: We are making complete close-ratio transmissions available for the track day/ road racer. TDR is also having the original transmissions made as an exact replacement part. This will allow everyone to fix or replace any gear, shaft, shim, part, or complete assembly.

Coatings: This is the most exciting development that TDR has done. Bearings, cylinder coatings, thermal coatings, transmission coatings, and disc brake rotor coatings allow less drag and more grip. This keeps the disc running cooler to control brake fade on excessive braking conditions. All of the different coatings will give you a much better overall wear rate. This helps with part failure and service intervals.

CYRO Treatments: Cryrogenic treatments have been extensively used in the Formula One, NASCAR, Top Fuel, and Moto GP teams for years. TDR is now bringing this technology into the RZ 350 marketplace.

Chassis: TDR is developing a completely new chassis. With the latest design in frame geometry, it will be one of the lightest best, handling chassis available. The race version will have Brembo brakes, full Ohlin suspension front & rear, GP style swing arm, Titanium hardware including axles, swingarm linkage and pivot bolts, full carbon fiber fairing set, and much more. This chassis will be race proven and then released to the public as a kit.

Crankshafts: TDR is working on a completely new 2-stroke crankshaft for the RZ 350 engine. It will have our new Ceramic main bearing, and all the components will be polished and have Micro/Nanoparticles applied to be the absolute BEST crankshaft available. Testing has been ongoing for some time.

Fuel Tanks: TDR is working on a line of Aluminum and Carbon Fiber gas tanks for the street and race machines. There will be 2 kinds of fuel tank filler options. Modern style flush fitting and original style so the OEM fuel cap can fit.

Body Parts: TDR is developing a complete line of custom fairings, seats, and body parts for the RZ 350. This will include some OEM replacement parts in the future that can be purchased with original RZ paint schemes.

As we release all the components described above, I will add pictures, videos, and links to each item. All of which have been in the testing phase and are now ready for release.