BIO & Timeline

Tony Doukas:
I started racing motocross when I was 14 years old. By the time I was 16 I was working in a small motorcycle shop as well as maintaining my own 1970 Yamaha 125mx with a factory GYT kit. Worked my way thru the novice class at 17 & advanced to the expert class. Back then, it was all natural terrain with a few bulldozer-made jumps that were small compared to today's tracks. A new Husqvarna 4 speed propelled me to the expert 250cc class, where after a year of extensive practice, I placed very well. My interests came to include short track and dirt track. Mostly on dirt, but a few concrete indoor races.

1973 saw me opening my first motorcycle shop full-time. Duke's Cycle. Shortly after that, I ventured into both the drag race & road race worlds. In drag racing, I started with an RD 350 and graduated with a Kawasaki 900 Z1. Built it up to a turbo drag bike and then built a 1200cc ProStock engine as well. I really could not afford all the latest equipment, so that left me to see very few races in the amateur classes. Road racing next became my favorite motorcycle sport. I raced many amateur events in the southeast, including a few endurance races. Again, no added sponsor support limited my race venue.

Then came the ATVs, starting with the ATC250R 3-wheeler. I developed a bunch of different engine combinations that proved to be extremely fast. We dominated the local ATV classes and ran a few Nationals.

In 1982 I started making reed petals for myself and other local racers with a name change to D.C. Engineering.

This propelled me into the manufacturing of reed petals & different products, as well as more involvement in sponsoring riders in both ATV and road racing. More contracts and reed petal sales allowed me to expand my involvement in rider sponsorship & engine research. I began acquiring all the machinery needed to completely fabricate & modify everything from frames to engines. I purchased my first dyno in 1984, and it has been a long learning experience in both engine research, including chamber design, carburetion, port timings, ignition, and everything that is found on a Two Stroke.

We went to Daytona with a full stable of riders and never looked back.

Following that, I ventured into the realm of watercraft. Starting with the Yamaha wave runner 500. From there, we were involved with & supported many racers around the world. This is where I met my wife Lisa, and she went on to become the 1992 Busch World Cup Novice Women Champion. After about 8 years, the watercraft market started to slow down, so I looked toward the Yamaha Banshee market. That exploded into full-blown racing research in two-stroke drag racing engines. With all the newest technology and development in this market, the engine displacement and horsepower went way out of the box. The largest twin-cylinder motor that can be built to bold into an RZ frame is 1200 + cc. Not to mention the 3 & 4-cylinder versions.

This brings me back full circle to the passion that I have always had for the Two Stroke Race bikes and Radical street rides. The newest craze is to take some of the latest 600cc frames and convert them into a two-stroke street bike using an RZ-based engine.

Enter my extensive knowledge and experience with RZ/Banshee-based motors and performance-related accessories. TDR is now working on casting new crankcases, Road Race and street-specific cylinders, CDIs, Exhaust, and carburetion, and having complete transmissions made for the RZ market. Both race application close ratio gear sets and stock replacement transmission parts.

Part of my personal return to the racetrack has allowed me to test and evaluate all our products under the most extreme conditions. Doing this has exceeded all my knowledge firsthand, relying on race team members for additional feedback.

As a side note, My wife Lisa has joined the race team in the capacity of sidecar passenger. Together we competed in our 2nd year, winning the National Championship Series at AHRMA in the Formula 2 Modern sidecar class. She also won the Stan Dibben "No Ordinary Passenger" award, which is an International based award for sidecar passengers. We also won the Mike Boddice Formula 2 Sidecar Team Trophy, acknowledging Us as the sidecar team that has done the most for supporting and growing the sidecar sport of racing in the USA. This was a special AHRMA/FIM trophy. What a year 2019 was. 2020 was sporadic, as Covid changed racing and the world as we know it. It gave me the opportunity to work hard on development and testing. This led to a completely new section of my racing focus. That being to bring the 2-stroke technology to a much higher level than ever before.

My goal is to get the 2-stroke back on the upper levels of motorcycle racing as it was years ago and to create a complete source and documentation of the development for all 2-stroke enthusiasts to learn from.

We will be working on this website to give you all the up-to-date information about all of our upcoming products.

Thank You,
Tony Doukas